Estonian Transport System

The Estonian transport system comprises rail, road, maritime, river, and air transport as well as the municipal electrified transport and carriage by pipeline. The infrastructure of national transport has generally been well established; due to high competition, the local logistics and transport companies have reached the western standards in terms of service and quality and have great transport potential.


The operation services are mostly provided by private enterprises. Maritime transport, inter-urban coach traffic, air traffic, and most of the rail transport is being provided by private enterprises. The major national transport enterprises include AS Tallinna Lennujaam (Tallinn Airport Ltd), AS Tallinna Sadam (Port of Tallinn Ltd), AS Elektriraudtee (Electrical Railways), which is servicing the vicinity of Tallinn, and AS Eesti Raudtee (Estonian Railways), holding the majority of the public railway infrastructures of Estonia.


The export and import of goods to the west, north, and south are mainly organised by exploiting the opportunities of maritime and road transport, to a marginal extent also by air transport. As a rule, the goods are delivered to the harbours of Muuga, Tallinn, Paldiski, Kunda or Pärnu, or taken by road transport to other European countries via Latvia mostly using the Tallinn-Ikla road, or delivered to Russia by the Tallinn-Luhamaa and Tallinn-Narva roads. As the transport of goods delivered to Estonia as well as the dispatched export, import and goods in transit is mainly (~90%) organised in a multi-modal transport chain (ship-train or train-ship), the capacity of goods in transit and assortment of goods is similar to the trade flows passing the ports.


The competitive advantages of Estonia's location and the logistics sector

Estonia is the geographical midpoint of Northern Europe and therefore the best place to set up distribution centres and to generate added value. Estonia is located right in the middle of the market with 300 million consumers, and has excellent in- and outbound logistics connections.


The historic Silk Road reaches Estonia - a most efficient trade route from China to North West Russia and Northern Europe


Europe's most effective rail operator, Europe's most modern and up to date airport and the largest port at the Baltic Sea are all located in Estonia


Estonians have a long term experience in trading with Russia that would ensure the goods dispatched reaching the correct destination safely and in a timely manner


Upon forwarding the goods through Estonia, all the applicable European Union safety standards and requirements are enforced


Estonia is a corruption-free and one of the most transparent countries in the world