Advantages of Estonian Maritime Transport

Maritime transport and harbours - Estonia's competitive advantages


The largest port of Baltic Sea - Port of Tallinn - is located in Estonia, taking into account both goods and passenger traffic


The deepest Baltic Sea harbours are in Estonia, able to receive also large ocean going vessels Estonian harbours are ice free and easily navigable all year round


The water level in Estonia remains constant, there are no tides


Europe's most eastern deepsea harbour - Silport - is in Estonia, located only 25 km from the border between European Union and Russia


Estonian waters are easily navigable Vessels have easy and safe access to Estonian harbours


Europe's most efficient terminals are situated at the Estonian harbours, so the handling of goods is performed faster than in other harbours


Estonian ports apply the European Union safety rules and regulations


Estonian harbours are unique in Europe in the sense that there is still plenty of land available for the construction of new terminals


Estonian harbours have the most modern infrastructure and technology in Europe


In Estonia, free economic zones are located directly at the deepsea harbours